Plywood worktops

Birch plywood has its own place in the history of Scandinavian furniture design and interior design.

The edge of a birch plywood worktop coated with high pressure laminate is beautiful and vivid

The layers of plywood birch veneers are generally left visible at the edges that can be cut to shape or left straight. Laminate is glued on both sides of the furniture plywood (surface / surface or surface / counter).

Colours and surface forms

According to the Formica® Collection Directory

Standard profiles

  • Straight edge (see image)
  • Bevelled edge 45 degrees (see image)

Edge processing options

  • Varnish
  • Planed wood (Planed wood can be treated with varnishes or waxes)

Standard strengths

22.5 mm and 28.5 mm

Ask from our customer service for any other possible strengths and sheet sizes

Plywood quality

The stocked birch plywoods are BB / WG quality Plywood specifications, according to the plywood manual

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