Bend edging worktops

A bend edging worktop is a safe option, thanks to its rounded front edge.

Tälli Oy supplies laminate coated bend edging worktops at machined dimensions or as elements

Bend edging worktops are mainly used in kitchen areas, as well as on the service desks of various public premises. A bend edging worktop typically has one bent laminated edge, whilst the other edges are moulded. The front edge of the worktop is seamless and, therefore, hygienic and durable. The surface on the underneath of all worktops is counter laminated.

Standard base materials

  • The stocked worktop elements of the Formica IKI® worktop collection are P2 chipboard based
  • The standard thickness of the worktops is 30 mm
  • Worktops of different thicknesses and different humidity grades (P2 / P5) are available as project deliveries.

Standard dimensions

  • Worktop with bend edging
    • 30x600x3050 mm
    • 30x620x3050 mm
  • Bar worktop with bend edging (Bent on both long sides)
    • 30x640x3050 mm
    • 30x905x3050 mm

Colours and surface forms

Bend edging worktops are available in almost all Formica Collection Directory products, as one coloured, patterns, as well as with wooden patterns. The surface form of the laminate is in accordance with the Formica Collection.

Edge forms and edge mouldings

The bend edging products of the IKI® worktop collection are bent in the R5 radius. The external colours of the IKI® worktop collection are bent mainly in the R8 radius. Check the R, if necessary, from our customer service.

The other edges of the bend edging worktop are primarily edge moulded, according to surface lamination, with laminate strips.

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