Laminate-coated worktops are durable, whilst the various base and moulding options allow for even the most innovative designs.


Tälli Oy's laminate-coated worktops are easy to maintain and wear-resistant. Various colour, surface form, base, edge moulding and edge processing options allow a very wide product range.

The product family can be roughly divided into four main sections: bend edging, round edging, border painted, and Formica® Compact solid laminate tops. The base materials used in the components are chipboard, MDF and plywood.

We stock bend edging furniture worktops according to the Formica IKI® worktop collection. In addition, products of the Formica ® Collection Directory are also available as project deliveries. The products are sold as elements or as dimensioned machined parts.

Optimization and sawing of material

The dimensions provided by the customer are optimized and the required number of sheets and sheet materials are determined. The material is used cost-effectively, with the minimum amount of waste.