Drop spouted window sill

Specific post formatted window sills are available with designs conforming to the Formica® Collection Directory.

Tälli Oy supplies drop spouted window sills for indoor premises

Base materials

  • As standard, 16 mm P2 chipboard sheet
  • Also available in other base strengths (e.g. 18, 22, 28 mm) and grades (P5)
  • The maximum length of the window sill is 3020 mm, ends cleanly sawn
  • The maximum height of the drop spout is 80 mm
  • The bend at the front edge is R8

Colours and surface forms

The bend edging window sills are available in almost all of the designs

of the Formica® Collection Directory.

Edge forms and edge mouldings

Straight edges are edge moulded with ABS taping or a laminate strip, according to the surface laminate.

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