Bend edging window sill

​Direct from our stock, white and light gray surface and as a factory delivery, almost all Formica® Collection Directory designs.

Tälli Oy supplies bend edging window sills for indoor premises

Base materials

  • As standard, 16 mm P2 chipboard sheet
  • Also available in other base strengths (e.g. 18, 22, 28 mm) and grades (P5)
  • The maximum length of the window sill is 3020 mm, ends cleanly sawn

Colours and surface forms

The bend edging window sills are available in almost all of the designs of the Formica® Collection Directory. Directly from our stock- F1009 MAT and F7927 MAT (16 mm P2 frame).

Edge forms and edge mouldings

The bending radiuses used are R5 and R8. The radius is confirmed on a case-by-case basis.

Straight edges are edge moulded with ABS tapings or a laminate strip, according to the surface laminate.

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