Younique® Digiprint -doors

The Formica Younique® laminate service provides unlimited possibilities for individual patterns.

Formica Younique® laminates provide unlimited possibilities for the designer

Younique® laminates are used with all of our available base solutions

Standard base materials

  • Chipboard base P2 / P5
  • MDF
  • Compact laminate
  • Birch plywood

Standard dimensions

The size of the printing area is 1270 x 3020, the base material affects the final dimensions of the product.

Machining and edge mouldings

Dependant on the base material


1. Delivery of the desired image and designs

2. Acceptance of printing layouts, approval of laminate test materials

3. Printing and laminate manufacture

4. Preparation of the processed finished product


Delivery of Younique © - laminates takes approx. 10-12 weeks. The refining of the laminates to the finished product will increase the delivery time by 2-3 weeks.

Images and surface forms

Younique® utilizes the latest printing technology to reproduce your design and the original artwork with optimum accuracy. Formica Group enables the use of both digital and screen-printing, according to your project needs. This makes it possible to take advantage of the best image quality and, thus, try to choose the most economic alternative on a project specific basis.

DIGITAL PRINTING METHOD Ideally suited for use with photos, multi-detailed and multicoloured projects that are best suited to small batches, since the transferring of images from a file to the printing phase is easy. The transferring of files is simple, as there are a number of options in order to send images.

SCREEN PRINTING METHOD Ideal for use in subjects where the desire is to repeat brave and powerful patterns, and an accurate colour definition is essential (RAL®, PMS® and NCS®). Due to the fixed start-up costs, screen printing is a cost-effective alternative in the production of significant quantities of products with the same image.

Standard Younique © products have a matte finish (MAT).

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