• In 1950, Serlachius Corporations built a timber impregnation plant in Kolho and in 1953 the IKI sheet factory was set up, which is now the only one in Northern Europe.

  • The correct and only high pressure compression of an IKI sheet is carried out at a pressure of 9 MPa and a temperature of 150 ° C

  • The IKI sheet store is a specialist in laminate products.


Tälli Oy manufactures Formica® IKI solid laminates and wood-based ready-to-install components for various interior decoration and construction solutions. Thanks to its durability, our components are used in, in addition to moveable and fixed furniture, as well as ceiling and wall panels, also parts of machines, wall coverings, food industry…



Formica Group's architectural VIVIX® sheets supplied by Tälli Oy are fixed, lightweight, exterior trim designed solid laminates with a decorative surface on both sides. The innovative wood-fibre reinforced thermoset resin offers superior strength and durability and makes VIVIX® sheets an ideal solution for both new and refurbished properties.…


Product reviews

Plywood worktops

Birch plywood has its own place in the history of Scandinavian furniture design and interior design.


Marine Industry

Laminate sheets have been used as a material, for example, in the boat and ship industries. We supply form edge moulded…


Compact -solid laminate doors

The visible base of the solid laminate door is black (CGS) and the edges can be cut to shape or left straight.